COVID-19 Travel Information

Kirtland Air Force Base Access

Based on the DoD’s COVID-19 Travel Restrictions Installation Status Update on July 2, members of the workforce, visitors and contractors traveling from outside of New Mexico to work on behalf of DOE do not require a Travel Waiver to report to work on Kirtland AFB. Additionally, the DoD and KAFB do not require members of the workforce, visitors and contractors who travel outside New Mexico for business or personal reasons to have a Travel Waiver before they report back to work on KAFB. However, Sandia still requires a Health Check before reporting to work at any Sandia facility, whether or not it’s located on KAFB. Out-of-state travel, both personal and business, can result in a 14-day quarantine following the Health Check.

Additional Site Guidance

Health screening requirement: All visitors, contractors and employees are required to use the Health Check screening app to before coming on-site. For those who do not have access to the app, in-person screenings are located at badge offices and key technical area access gates throughout the lab and at remote sites. Contact your Sandia host for specific location information.

Face covering requirement: Consistent with local face covering requirements in New Mexico and Alameda County, California, Sandia requires all visitors and personnel on Sandia-controlled premises to wear multilayer cloth face coverings or masks.