Current suppliers seeking information related to the impacts of COVID-19 and Sandia should contact Security Connection at (505) 845-1321.

Bldg. 720 resumes normal operations on Monday, April 6

Bldg. 720 will open for its regular work schedule on Monday, April 6. All affected areas have been cleaned and disinfected in accordance with CDC guidelines. Any food and consumables left on counters and exposed to disinfection measures were thrown away. Food in the refrigerators was not touched because it was isolated from the disinfectant. […]

Sandia vacates 3 buildings following second confirmed COVID-19 case at New Mexico site

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Sandia National Laboratories vacated three buildings Tuesday following a second confirmed case of COVID-19 among its New Mexico workforce. Sandia’s top priority is to keep its employees and the community safe and healthy. One of the three buildings where the individual worked was closed for cleaning and disinfection per Centers for Disease Control […]

Two Sandia buildings resume normal operations Monday

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Two Sandia National Laboratories buildings closed last week due to COVID-19 will open for occupancy Monday. All affected areas have been cleaned and disinfected in accordance with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. The entire buildings including bathrooms, elevators, stair wells, common areas and high-touch surfaces have been cleaned and disinfected. […]

March 27 update on COVID-19

Time-charging guidance for evacuated building staff Evacuated staff members  who were scheduled to work today, March 27, should check with their managers and work from home due to yesterday’s evacuation of those buildings. Those who are unable to work from home should charge TRC 460, for an evacuation related to health and safety. Sandia and […]

Sandia National Laboratories evacuates two buildings following confirmed case of COVID-19

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Sandia National Laboratories’ New Mexico site has evacuated two buildings following one confirmed case of COVID-19 among its workforce. Sandia’s top priority is to keep its staff safe and healthy, and Sandia management is taking steps to protect workforce health. Two buildings where the individual worked and visited are closed for thorough […]

March 26 update on COVID-19

Team formed to handle PPE donation requests Sandia staff are receiving requests for donations of personal protective equipment due to local and global shortages. A multi-organization team has formed and will coordinate inventory of Sandia’s PPE and any response to donation requests.

March 25 update on COVID-19

Sandia insurance plans waive some patient cost shares All three of Sandia medical plans (BCBSNM, UHC and Kaiser) have updated the Sandia Total Health Plan to include the following benefit enhancements, effective immediately. The change results from efforts to follow recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the COVID-19 pandemic. All three […]

March 24 update on COVID-19

MOW testing process and notifications to the workforce With many Sandians and contractors working remotely, members of the workforce have asked how notifications will be provided if an employee or contractor tests positive for COVID-19 while working onsite or offsite. Each case will be examined individually to determine what precautions or notifications might be needed, […]

March 20 update on COVID-19

Clarification of activity-level work Yesterday’s guidance that activity-level telework is not permitted generated questions about how that work is defined. Activity-level work usually requires specialized lab/industrial equipment that present unique hazards and require controls in a laboratory or facilities work environment. For safety, specialized lab/industrial equipment must not be taken home, nor relocated to another […]

March 19 update on COVID-19

COVID-19 time-charging codes change today Time-charging guidance for the COVID-19 outbreak was established using existing time-charging codes to respond to rapidly developing conditions. Due to state, local and national work restriction orders, NNSA has asked us to track expenses related to COVID-19. To comply with NNSA’s request, we need your help. Effective retroactively and going […]