Inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers

Manos Student and Volunteer

The Sandia National Laboratories Hispanic Outreach for Leadership and Awareness (HOLA) and Community Involvement Department, in partnership with Albuquerque Public Schools, announces the annual Manos Hands-on Science and Engineering Program for Hispanic middle school students. The program is designed to introduce math, science and engineering concepts to mid-school students and spark their interest in pursuing careers in STEM fields.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this program has been indefinitely postponed.

What must a student do to participate in the program?

Attendance is limited to students where Manos is being hosted. There is no cost to the student to attend the program, and rotation to other schools will occur every school year.

Students must adhere to the Student Participation Release Form (PDF, 147 KB).

What is the purpose of the Manos Program?

The purpose of the program is to:

  • Develop awareness and pride in the accomplishments of Hispanic professionals and inventors.
  • Increase the pool of Hispanic students who pursue degrees in STEM.
  • Support the development of a scientific and technically trained student base with hands-on technology experiences.


Manos provides students the opportunity for early high-tech business involvement with local communities. Young minds are inspired through engineering and scientific experiences. The focus is to increase and promote student academic excellence at the pre-college level.

Manos nurtures “hands-on” science, technology, engineering and math experiences primarily for Hispanic students, but it is open to all students. The program works to improve students’ academic rate of success and personal self-esteem. It also fosters an awareness of and respect for the contributions and achievements of Hispanic inventors and scientists. Through interdisciplinary activities, our young great minds and creative thinkers get excited about their future.