• Physics

    Magic of Physics Workshop

    How does a rocket work and fly? Why does the light turn on when I flip a switch?How does a rollercoaster work? Can I drop an egg and not break it? Learn the answers to these questions and more by conducting experiments in force, mass, energy, friction, momentum, aerodynamics, heat and magnetism.

    Workshop Coordinator:
    Rebecca L. Lopez, Sandia National Laboratories
    Phone: (505) 845-9848; email: rllopez@sandia.gov


  • Chemistry

    ChemisTRY Exploration

    How do they make fireworks different colors? What makes bread rise? Is shampoo really "pH balanced" like the commercials say and are all sunscreens the same? How does chemistry help to investigate a crime scene?

    Workshop Coordinator:
    Mario Delgado, Sandia National Laboratories
    Phone: (505) 844-4786; email: mjdelga@sandia.gov

  • Electronics

    Wonderful World of Electronics

    What is a Component? What is an integrated circuit and how does it work? What makes a computer work? Who is Ohm and what is it? How is the flow of electricity controlled ?

    Workshop Coordinator:
    Luis Molina, Sandia National Laboratories
    Phone: (505) 845-7145; email: llmolin@sandia.gov

  • Fun with Math and Money

    Can you guess how many Red M&M's are in a jar? Do you know what PI is? Do you know how to make your money "grow"? This class uses fun games to help you answer these questions.

    Workshop Coordinator:
    Carla Moncayo, Sandia National Laboratories
    Phone: (505) 284-2186; Email: cmoncay@sandia.gov

  • Robotics

    Students learn how to build and program robots and work with LEGO MINDSTORM KITS. Students will learn how to make a robot follow a line, how to use touch and light sensors. The students will learn about career pathways in high wage, high technology fields. They will also learn about the importance of teamwork in a competitive environment.

    Workshop Coordinator:
    Elizabeth M. Lopez, Sandia National Laboratories
    Phone: (505) 845-9709; email: emlope@sandia.gov

  • Computer Discovery

    Have fun with computers! What makes a computer tick and how can you use it? Take a computer apart. Connect to the internet. Use email to communicate with friends. Build your own personal web page for others to see. Program and control a robot to make it do what you want it to. Do a scavenger hunt and solve problems.

    Workshop Coordinator:
    Bobby Butler, Sandia National Laboratories
    Phone: (505) 845-9664; email: rjbutl@sandia.gov

  • Introduction to Engineering

    Are you creative, curious, like to build things or just take things apart and see how they work? Then engineering is for you!!! Like to build cards, try mechanical engineering. Like to build bridges, civil engineering is the place. In each class, you will become a different type of engineer, learn about them, how to become a "real" one and work on a fun activity.

    Workshop Coordinator:
    Angel Urbino, Sandia National Laboratories
    Phone: (505) 844-4988; email: aurbina@sandia.gov