• My student is not of American Indian descent, can my student still enroll into the program?

    Absolutely! Dream Catchers believes optimal learning occurs when all students, regardless of race or ethnicity, participate in a learning environment that reflects inclusivity. Therefore, Dream Catchers welcomes all students to come and participate in the program.
  • Is there a classroom limit?

    Yes. As a general rule, we limit enrollments to 25 students per class so that our instructors are not over burdened during teaching.
  • What is the cost of the program?

    Since funding is made possible through the Department of Energy to Sandia National Laboratories, the program is offered cost-free to students and parents. 
  • Is lunch provided?

    Yes. Lunch will be provided during the days of participation.
  • What materials will my student need to participate in the science program?

    All we require is your student and his/her desire to learn about science and engineering. We provide your student with all necessary classroom materials (paper, pens, simple calculator, etc.) needed to be successful in the program.
  • As a parent, can I attend classes with my student?

    Parental participation is highly encouraged. This accomplishes several objectives: 1) parents share in the learning with their student(s), 2) parental participation demystifies science and engineering through shared learning, and finally, 3) parents direct access to program instructors allows for open dialogue when planning and preparing students for college life.
  • What if I don’t know much about science or engineering, can I still participate with my student?

    Absolutely your curiosity and willingness as well as your student’s are essential elements to expand his/her interests in science and engineering.
  • Can I enroll more than one student into the program?

    Yes. However, please make sure the additional student meets our grade requirement of entering grades 6 through 12.
  • Can my student’s cousin (or neighbor student) participate in the program?

    Yes. However, please make sure the cousin (or neighbor student) meets our grade requirement of entering grades 6 through 12.
  • Is it okay to make copies of the application and release forms from the website for other interested students?

    Yes, please do. If you need or require additional copies (25 or more), please feel free to contact the Program’s Coordinator and who will be happy to send some to you through the mail.
  • Who are the program’s instructors?

    Various members from Sandia’s American Indian Outreach Committee volunteer each year to develop stimulating classroom lessons to help bridge traditional classroom theory with experiential-based learning. Depending on each year’s curriculum, our volunteers may either be scientists, engineers, technologists, or professionals from our business community.