March 25 update on COVID-19

Sandia insurance plans waive some patient cost shares

All three of Sandia medical plans (BCBSNM, UHC and Kaiser) have updated the Sandia Total Health Plan to include the following benefit enhancements, effective immediately. The change results from efforts to follow recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the COVID-19 pandemic. All three have waived patient cost share for the following:

  • Any medical visit in connection to COVID-19 testing (physician offices, urgent care, ER).
  • All virtual visits through June 18 to support social distancing.
  • Telehealth COVID-19-related services through June 18. Insurance plan members may contact their own in-network physician of choice, rather than going through a virtual visit vendor.

The three primary ways to work remotely

  • From a Sandia-owned computer: Establish a VPN connection, remote to an onsite computer, or connect to a DaaS session instead of the VPN.
  • From a personally owned computer WITH a DaaS virtual desktop: Work on a virtual Windows 10 desktop with full access to SRN web applications, Inside, and to save files to SDSS folders on snl\home or upload them up to online resources such as OneDrive.
  • From a personally owned computer WITHOUT a DaaS virtual desktop: Check email, chat, and join Skype meetings via Webmail. Submit your timecard. Access Sandia corporate applications from Inside.
  • In limited ways, from a Sandia-owned iOS device: Access Inside with CryptoCard or Mobile Credential (requires HSPD-12 badge).

For details and instructions, see Sandia Anywhere: Internal on the SRN or Sandia Anywhere on the external website. Consider joining the twice-daily, Skype-only Cyber Cafes, where IT staff can answer your questions.