March 20 update on COVID-19

Clarification of activity-level work

Yesterday’s guidance that activity-level telework is not permitted generated questions about how that work is defined.

Activity-level work usually requires specialized lab/industrial equipment that present unique hazards and require controls in a laboratory or facilities work environment. For safety, specialized lab/industrial equipment must not be taken home, nor relocated to another location where hazards cannot be controlled.

At this time, only home equipment such as laptops, PCs and keyboards is approved to be taken home by following the outlined process.

MTC time-charging guidance

Time-charging guidance for employees represented by the Metal Trades Council is updated to allow better tracking of the impact of COVID-19. See the decision tree for detailed guidance for various situations.

Volunteering guidance and opportunities

The City of Albuquerque is promoting COVID-19 response volunteer opportunities. Employees are reminded that volunteering must be done on the employee’s own time (no TRCs or project/tasks are available for volunteering). Employees should carefully consider if the volunteer opportunity meets social distancing guidelines.