March 19 update on COVID-19

COVID-19 time-charging codes change today

Time-charging guidance for the COVID-19 outbreak was established using existing time-charging codes to respond to rapidly developing conditions. Due to state, local and national work restriction orders, NNSA has asked us to track expenses related to COVID-19.

To comply with NNSA’s request, we need your help. Effective retroactively and going forward, employees should charge COVID-19-related impacts using newly established time-charging codes. Employees should use these newly established codes to enter their time today and should resubmit any COVID-19-related hours for the week starting March 13. These codes could change again as NNSA reviews its guidance for a longer timeline.

Skype recommended for Sandia training

Effective today through April 17, Talent Management & Development (TM&D) will hold training classes either through Skype or in-person under social distancing protocols.

Training that cannot be done via Skype or in a setting that facilitates social distancing will be postponed. In collaboration with the content owners, TM&D will place a 45-day extension for compliance or regulatory-required classes that cannot be held.

Participating in training through Skype should be the first option for the workforce. Skype capabilities have been installed in all TM&D training classrooms at Sandia. If a class must take place in person, registration will be limited to enable six-foot spacing between participants, which will be strictly enforced. Classrooms will be cleaned before and after each class.

Skype is the only option for Sandia/CA workforce who need training during the current shelter in place.

TM&D staff will provide participants with updated information on Skype access, cancellations and other course updates.

Minimize purchasing new equipment for telecommuting

Sandia expects staff who are telecommuting due to the COVID-19 pandemic to use existing Sandia equipment as much as possible to minimize the cost to the taxpayers of temporary telecommuting. Work with your management if additional equipment is needed to support working from home.