March 18 coronavirus update

New DOE guidance on domestic travel

DOE has issued updated guidance on nonessential business travel. We need members of the workforce to cancel all travel that is not essential for the next 30 days with BCD and/or SWABIZ. Also, please cancel nonessential trips in the Sandia Expense Report Plus Tool.

You can expense any incurred costs such as nonrefundable airfare, travel agent fees and hotel cancellation fees.

When evaluating if travel is essential, consider if the purpose of the travel is:

  • To perform essential duties related to the protection of life and property.
  • Required by statute or contract.
  • For systems or equipment inspections if those systems or equipment are integral to security, safety, or proper functioning of the mission.
  • To meetings or trainings required by a grant or to maintain grant funding.
  • For training to meet certification or licensing requirements or to maintain critical functional or occupational competencies.
  • For activities essential to national security.

When reviewing travel, managers also should strongly consider if:

  • A meeting can be conducted by phone or video conference.
  • The training is for professional development but can be postponed.
  • The travel is not time-sensitive but can happen later.
  • The travel is for the sole purpose of giving a presentation.

Travel by the Sandia workforce to or within areas where there is community spread of COVID-19 should only be undertaken when there is an urgent need, such as to protect life and property.

For employees currently on nonessential business travel, management should use judgment, as it likely will be prudent for the employee to adjust plans and return home ASAP.

Canceling your trip in the expense tool will help executive management monitor and report on planned travel to NNSA leadership.

Employee Assistance Program resources

Sandia provides many resources to help those coping with anxiety about the COVID-19 pandemic. Employees can talk with a counselor from the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) by telephone by scheduling an appointment. Employees can view other resources here and also learn how to contact their health plan to schedule an appointment with a community mental health provider.

Partial-day telecommuting permitted

Managers may ask an exempt or nonexempt telecommuting employee to come to their worksite if necessary to meet work needs, unless they are required to shelter-in-place or telecommute for health concerns or recent travel. However, it is expected that most employees will telecommute in full-day increments. Nonexempt employees who are called in to the worksite for a partial day should record their commute time as time worked and be reimbursed for their mileage.

Clarification on wired keyboards and mice for remote work

Clarification from Tuesday’s update: You can use your own personal monitor (wired) and Sandia policy does allow you to connect a USB-wired personally owned keyboard or mouse. No wireless devices of any kind are permitted. Staff must document and archive notification to managers that lists all property taken home and who takes it. Update location in the property record, even for those items that do not have a property S number. Help is available from your property coordinator if needed.

Data protection

Protect Unclassified Controlled Information (UCI) when working from home on Sandia-owned computers. When using a personally owned computer to work remotely, you cannot process Sandia data (such as OUO/UCI) unless you are connected to a DaaS virtual desktop. This means you cannot save Webmail attachments to your personally owned computer, create new files on it or email Sandia data to your home email address. When you are connected to DaaS, all your work is processed in a protected environment and saved to Sandia online resources.